Articles On Fitness And Health

topic for a feature article?

i have to make a magazine on health, fitness and sports and it has to include a feature article. a) i don’t know what a feature article is. and b) i can’t think of any topics to do it on. help me please! give me a topic and a brief description about it and why it’s a good topic.

a) a feature article is usually the longest & covering a subject of high interest or controversy…basically the most important message you’re trying to get across to readers.
b) a perfect topic is “supplements” such as diet pills, multi-vitamins, & steroids…cover the good & bad of anything sold in GNC (you know, the health fanatic store) because it is related to health & fitness & informs readers of healthy options they may not have been aware of prior…but also warns them of what to stay away from such as things that may not be FDA approved. get as much input as possible by talking to the pharmacist at your local drugstore so that you can quote them in your feature. visit a gym & observe. go to GNC & read some product labels.