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Title of magazine for teenage boys?

Its a project on media and the magazine would be like GQ magazine – article on how to talk to girls, sports / fitness / health, game reviews – but aimed at younger men (13-18). Really I can not think of anything (all I thought about so far are: "Master" or "smart" Smooth ", but none of them looks pretty good to me and does not really explain what will be in the magazine, either.) Thanks for your help or suggestions! 🙂

Yes it is .. toughy because that their magazines are not really there for that demographic … The girls are .. Married and cleo and cosmo … and … the list goes on … and boys do not seem magazines have until they get more .. and then the magazine is … a man! … I could not call your boyfriend … because most guys who think they may suggest that whipped … society, what can be done! It's nothing good to be a young guy .. the former .. masculinity more .. the field more … And the union is not popular among men is .. if you can not go to …. brother or something .. So I think that since her .. the first to target this audience … may be quite obvious on the title … I also think that guys like something practical and not luxury …. Man manual or automatic, you can read Hero Man and the name of someone who, most children who aspire to be like …. (No idea)