And Fitness Health

and fitness health
What magazines, websites and online forums about health & fitness do you suggest?

I was looking for great, useful and reliable magazines, websites and even online forums about health & fitness including nutrition/diet, exercising, bodybuilding, etc…

What do you suggest?
Thanks for all answer guys, I really can’t choose a better one you’ve been all very helpful

This is the best site for everything fitness related, they’ve got several programs; fat burn, bodybuilding, core training etc…… Also you can register for their e-newsletters that keep you up to date on the latest exercises, studies, findings and programs. They’ve got a great promotion going on now, for filling out your free fitness evaluation one of their certified personal trainers creates you 1 complementary personalized fitness program based on your exercise/fitness wants, needs and goals. Also inside their site they have food trackers that helps you keep up with all of your daily food totals based on whatever your goals are. The site is hope it helps you out